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A full high-performance wetsuit system designed for elite military divers. Waterproof offers a customized design and a configuration system to cover the temperatures and durations that the divers are exposed to. The range covers most thicknesses, from plain versions to very advanced adaptions, in green, black or customized colours as Camo.

Comfort, quality, and performance are key elements in the Waterproof military wetsuit range. All suits are made of Neoflex super-stretch 100% Limestone CR neoprene to ensure excellent durability, memory and insulation, far better than other neoprene qualities. All suits are 3D sculpted for maximum anatomical fit and critical parts concerning mobility are specially designed for freedom of movement. Nothing is left to chance; all details are carefully designed to meet the expected extreme demands.

Product Features

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Full spec two-piece model with a hooded jacket, beavertail and Long John pants.

A fully loaded suit with semi-dry seals, zippers, reinforcements, and pockets.

The basic two-piece model with a jacket and Long John pants.

Basic full-suit model.


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