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We are all sentient beings, filled with passion, on different paths through life. What we all share are two worlds: the one that lies above and the one beneath the surface of our oceans. Our purpose and our mission are to enable you, the diver, to experience the amazing underwater world that covers more than seventy per cent of our planet. The ocean. Our oceans. Because we want you to visit this mysterious and awe-inspiring world. To fall in love with it and respect it. Just like us, #FACINGREALITY.

We are passionate divers – that is how our story begins. Waterproof invites people to share and be a part of this universe. To experience a marine life that comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colours – and in all kinds of environments, from tropical waters to the Arctic and all in-between. You choose. We provide.

The story of Waterproof is also the story of its founders, two brothers growing up by the sea on the Swedish west coast. Completely different personalities in most ways but sharing the same purpose: Björn Ehlmé, CEO and the inventive and creative businessman. Göran Ehlmé, Head of R&D and celebrated divemaster, extreme diver and the first to lead diving expeditions to the polar regions as well as an underwater photographer for BBC and National Geographic.

You could say that the Waterproof story began dramatically in the late1960’s; with Göran as a small boy falling from the pier into the sea and is just about to experience this new magic world before being pulled up by his dad and older brother. The rest is history, now including a dedicated development team, multiple awards for best diving suits with production facilities, service stations and retailers worldwide.


“Our values are guided by the belief that quality is the strongest path to sustainability.”

We make products that enable mankind to witness the conditions we have created in our oceans from the first row. Dead oceans lead to no diving. A fact we can´t hide from. Sustainability must therefore always be the main priority.

Most of our suits and accessories are made out of neoprene. Even though neoprene is material derived from fossil fuels, it offers divers unique qualities. It is extremely durable, which means that a well-designed diving suit will last for years, in many cases decades.

The “green” alternatives currently on the market are not ideal from our point of view. You get an inferior product, with short durability, leading to overconsumption – which we don’t see as true sustainability and not an option for us.

We are well aware that neoprene use is an imperfect solution. But at the moment it is still more sustainable than the alternatives. We need to get away from the disposable product mentality and the short life of goods and move towards sustainable production.

• We actively choose not to support the disposable product mentality.

• We source our materials with great care and only of the best quality, ensuring a long lifespan of our products.

• We are removing all single-use plastic from our packaging.

• We choose our factories carefully based on environmental considerations.

• We have a global service organisation to work on repairs and maintenance.


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