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The Waterproof Tactical Breathable Drysuit is the lightest, toughest working tool ever made for the Special Forces. The most challenging task for us during development was to meet the many demands set by the various Diving Military Special Units. They are all different, but they all respond to the same basic needs. The suits must be easy to don and allow active movements on the surface, like running, rope climbing, boarding boats, etc. For the underwater rebreather work, a tight fit is required, but still with a lot of movability for arms and legs. And when it comes to placements of valves, pockets and special equipment holders, all units are different. The Military Classed Suit meets all the requirements and can be uniquely altered to fit a unit’s specifications. The 2 kg (medium size) suit comes in a standard black or NATO military green.


Details to ensure top performance.


The sophisticated pattern construction and the unique back-zip position allow the user to move without restrictions.


Unique altered solutions.


The flexible Dry zipper is positioned for maximum movement and minimum restriction. Easy to open and close by the user.


The suit's design and construction are optimized for high mobility and a tight fit to avoid large volumes of air.

Product features

MATERIAL – Light and breathable 4-LAYER AQUAMAX 330 Denier Cordura Nylon Inner layer Nylon Tricot 20 Denier. Breathability – 5000 (A1) 8000 (B1) g/m2/24h and waterproofness > 25,000 mmH2O.

BACK-ZIP – Long and curved YKK AQUASEAL #10 light and flexible plastic dry zipper, positioned for maximum movement and minimum restriction. Easy to open and close by the user.

ANATOMICAL FIT – All critical parts concerning mobility, like the torso, pre-bent arms and legs have been anatomically designed to enhance the freedom of movement.

WARM NECK – The neck is equipped with a super-stretch neoprene collar that minimize heat loss.

WRIST CUFF – The wrists are equipped with adjustable cuffs that overlap the gloves and protect the seals.

WRIST SEALS – Latex or super-stretch neoprene seals upon request.

NECK SEAL – Latex or super-stretch neoprene seal upon request.

POCKETS – Vast variety of pocket solutions are available.

SOCKS – Fabric or neoprene socks for comfortable use in rock boots.

KNEE PADS – DuPont® Kevlar™ reinforced fabric. Pocket for kneepad inserts with water drainage.

REINFORCEMENT – Seat and arm reinforcements are available on request.

ZIPPER COVER – Protecting relief zipper and optional for the main zipper.

SUSPENDERS – Adjustable and detachable integrated suspenders.

SEAM-FREE CROTCH – The crotch is made in one piece, with no seams. This is to ensure an excellent durable and comfortable suit.

SI TECH VALVES – Swivelling inlet valve (CEJN or INT) and an adjustable automatic outlet valve. The type of valves and locations can be specified by the user.

INCLUDED – A suit bag, inflation hose (CEJN or INT), zip lubricant, repair kit and user manual.

NON-MAGNETIC SIGNATURE – Optional, the suit can be designed with a Non-Magnetic signature, including special valves, zippers, features as well as Non-Magnetic testing if required.

Materials & care

Please refer to the drysuit manual on how to best take care of your drysuit.

Waterproof Drysuit Manual


Men XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL, 3XL (Tall and Short versions available on request)
Ladies XXS, XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL (Tall and Short versions available on request)

Model and article number

M47 Men, Art. No. 470-1
M47 Ladies, Art. No. 470-2


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