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“The ocean is our critical ally in our battle to reduce carbon in the atmosphere, and the more diverse, the better it does that job.”


“I have seen with my own eyes how fragile is the natural environment and there’s nothing more crucial in our efforts to avoid the worst outcome than our ocean ecosystems.”


My name is Lukasz Larsson Warzecha; I’m a photographer and cinematographer living in Sweden. Together with my wife, Ulrika Larsson, we run a small production company – LWimages. I have been shooting professionally for over 14 years for commercial clients and broadcast television. I have worked on six continents and, in the process, taken cameras to every environment on the planet.

My entire career has been about practising existing and learning new outdoor skills to be closer to the action and tell more compelling and authentic stories. Like all the other outdoor skills in my career, scuba diving is a means to an end. Having spent most of my career in the mountains, with over 20 years of climbing experience, I found diving a mental challenge at first. I started diving in 2014; it takes time to become a good diver. Since my move to southern Sweden during the pandemic and with no mountains nearby, I focused almost entirely on scuba diving.

Since September last year, I have been developing some exciting conservation and climate change underwater assignments. At first, without realising that it would be best to be tech certified to make them happen. So I cannot spill the beans yet, but I’m inviting you to come on a journey to become a better diver and learn more about the fragile ecosystems so crucial to our global well-being.



Facebook: lukasz.warzecha

Instagram: lukasz.larsson.warzecha


Photography by Ulrika Larsson.


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