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“I love to drift between sharks and caves, two passions I am never able to decide which one I love the most.”

My love for the ocean and the water dates back to times before my memory and my ability to walk.
I was eight years old when I first dreamed of swimming with sharks. It was not until many years later that my dream would become not only a reality but also my daily work routine.

I love to float in a world that doesn’t respond to the rules of gravity the way the ground world does. I love to drift between sharks and caves, two passions I am never able to decide which one I love the most.

I have been working with sharks in the wild for over 25 years. Love surges through my soul when I am with them. Sharks suffer from an extremely underserved reputation that can be changed only through education.

When I am not with the sharks I can be easily found looking for caves, or cave exploring and surveying. Caves are like a big book about the history of this planet. My cave light is a brief shadow of light glimpsing into the eternal darkness before it goes back to its quiet state. The water that travels through these passages is vital to numerous eco-systems and I have been working for years exploring and surveying to surface images and knowledge about what’s below our feet.

In 2019 I founded People of the Water, organized to widen the conductions and distribution of training, education, research and studies relating to water, ocean and environmental issues, affecting both the people and the animals of said environments.

I use exploration to discover the beauty and wonder of our water planet, I acquire knowledge and through education, inspire and promote conservation.




Instagram: cristinazenato

Twitter: @CristinaZenato


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