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“Ocean travel and boat life have become a natural part of my life, where most of my belongings fit in a duffel bag, and the place called home is where my dive suit is.”

My high-spirited passion for the ocean and the wilderness shaped my life already at a very young age. I was fortunate to be born and brought up on the Swedish west coast, where the constant smell of salt water always was close by, allowing me to spend the majority of my childhood in or close to the sea, where my great fascination for the various marine life made me lose both time and place.

The thriving curiosity and interest for what was hidden beneath the surface contributed to the underwater life to become a natural and very important part of my life. Getting underwater has to me always been like entering another world, a world so different from our land-living community, but still a world so important for all life living on dry land. Being raised in an adventurous, ocean-loving family encouraged my strong interest and lifestyle choice of living and sharing my passion.

I believe that when you are passionate about something it comes naturally to share it with others. That is also how I, through my work as both filmmaker and guide, hope to inspire others to take a keen interest in the environment and its vulnerable inhabitants.

As an avid scuba diver, adventurer and ocean enthusiast, I love to travel and have spent several years living on a smaller sailboat, in both tropical, warm waters, and in the cooler Nordic waters. When not filming or photographing, I often join expedition vessels as a guide and also research teams onboard scientific ships. Ocean travel and boat life have become a natural part of my life, where most of my belongings fit in a duffel bag, and the place called home is where my dive suit is.

Together with my father Armin and sister Nanna, we run a Swedish film company, producing underwater films in collaboration with national televisions with the aim of portraying the marine inhabitants to emphasize the importance of more significant protection of the marine environment.

Films and still photography are great ways to spread a keen interest in the incredible life hidden beneath the waves. As much as I love to be out on film expeditions, I also thrive on sharing my passion with like-minded persons. This is where my occupation as guide perfectly fit into my life.

Believing that with awareness comes concern and in great hope, my work helps the general public to embrace the beauty found both above and beneath the waves, I so continue to share my passion and adventures to empower life, raise awareness and inspire others.

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