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“The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface and is threatened by plastics, overfishing, pollution, overheating and CO2.”

As an underwater photographer, amateur biologist and publisher of more than ten books about the sea and the life within it, I urgently feel that we must act soon.Things are not moving in the right direction. The oceans are critical to our existence on earth, not only a huge source of food for us to harvest but as an accumulator of heat, CO2 and plankton oxygen production. Right now we are destroying species on land and in the sea at a rate that the world has only seen five times before. The sixth mass extinction is happening right now.

We all have to change. We have to work with nature, not against. As an underwater photographer and an amateur biologist, my role is to educate and showcase what the oceans have to offer. Communication is important and using images is a great way to inform everyone about the uniqueness of our underwater world as well as to show what we might lose if we do not protect and harvest the oceans in a sensible way.

Money and profit govern legislation and politicians. This is no longer sustainable. Loss of habitat and species, pollution and predation is the norm and not the exception.

Through books, I have shown what fish farming and pollution can do to our beautiful underwater nature. But mainly I showcase the underwater nature as we like to see it. Unique, diverse and sensationally beautiful. This is what I aim to spend the rest of my life doing.





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