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The demand for a rugged, long-lasting rental suit is still there and the W6 with its long guessed zippers in arms and legs makes it the easiest donning and doffing suit on the market. The famous classic Waterproof rental/school suit, now presented in an updated modern design and in the latest available materials.

This suit was originally a co-venture design project with a couple of the biggest dive center and resorts in the Red Sea in the early 2000s. The main issue for the dive centers was to get a suit that could stand up to 4 dives a day with multiple users and still lasted for several seasons. Replacing suits into the area was difficult due to custom and import regulations. This issue is still in question for most resorts and live-on-board ventures.

The Waterproof R&D department solved the task and constructed a suit with a Zipper-Through-Seal construction that enables a semidry function on legs and arms despite the generous openings the extra-long zippers generates. The front zipper runs all the way down to the right knee and thus features the easiest donning any suit in the market offers.

Available as a hooded 7mm or 5mm unhooded jumpsuit.

Product features

Extra long YKK front zipper.

Extra long YKK zippers at arms and legs.

Integrated ankle and wrist seals.

100% CR microcell neoprene.

Rubber kneepads.

Gender specific styling, provided comfortable lift and support for the female diver.

Reflective logo on both arms.

Double zipper seal along the front zipper reduces the water exchange to a minimum.

Materials and care

Rinse your suit after each dive with fresh water, taking particular care to remove sand and salt from the zipper. Wash your suit occasionally with mild soap. Other cleaning products may only be used if authorised by Waterproof.

When changing, avoid standing on the wetsuit and avoid sharp objects. Dry your suit in the open shade on a hanger, away from direct sunlight.

Do not store your suit for extended periods hanging on narrow hangers, as the suit material may become stressed where it passes over the hanger. Use extra wide hangers specially designed for wetsuit storage (WP Hanger Link). Suits should never be stored folded, as it may create permanent creases.

Store the suit away from sources of heat and away from sources of UV radiation (mainly sunlight), as both of these may degrade the materials more rapidly.


Men XS, S, S/t, M, M+, M/t, ML, ML/t, L, L+, L/t, XL, XL/t, XXL, XXL/t, 3XL/t

Ladies XS, S, M, M+, M/t, ML, ML/t, L, L+, L/t, XL, XXL

Size availability is subject to change without notice. Please contact your Waterproof retailer for availability.

Model and article number

W6 Men 5mm, Art. No. 0401

W6 Ladies 5mm, Art. No. 0402

W6 Men 7mm with hood, Art. No. 0411

W6 Ladies 7mm with hood, Art. No. 0412


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