Waterproof releases the W6SC Wetsuit designed for extra easy donning with zip-trough-seal system

The demand for a rugged, long lasting rental suit is still there and the W6 SC with its long gussed zippers in arms and legs makes it the easiest donning and doffing suit on the market. The famous classic Waterproof rental/school suit, now presented in an updated modern design and in the latest available materials. This suit was originally a co-venture design project with a couple of the largest dive center and resorts in the Red Sea in the early 2000s. The main issue for the dive centers was to get a suit that could stand up to 4 dives a day with multiple users and still lasted for several seasons. Replacing suits into the area was difficult due to custom and import regulations. This issue is still in question for most resorts and live on board ventures.

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