Waterproof in Australia 2009

There is good synergy between Waterproof and Tabata (manufacturers of TUSA dive product) – both companies are manufacturers of over 25 years who take quality seriously and have their customer’s comfort as a top priority.

Both companies have full control over prodution from design to packaging. From experience, Waterproof understand neoprene and what is required to produce the optimal material for the job - from extreme cold of the Antarctic or warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

"We are thrilled by this and have seen a rapid growth already in our order stock," says Björn Ehlme, General Manager, Waterproof International. Sue Crowe, director at TABATA Australia confirms the successful introduction, "Shortly after the introduction we had stocking dealers covering most of Australia. Now closer to the season we have more in the pipeline. It takes time to cover such a vast landmass".
"Australian divers appreciate good quality and unique designs which, most importantly fit properly. We are thrilled to have such a partnership with Waterproof and look forward to growing the brand in Australasia", she said See more at www.waterproofwetsuits.com.au