New Waterproof Production Premises in Xiamen

In September 2009 Waterproof moves in to a new factory building with three times the floor space in the town of Xiamen.
Göran Ehlmé, one of the original founders of Waterproof, and head of the R & D department is happy; “Finally we have reached the critical volume making this move profitable. To be forced to stretch the limits over a too long time always kills sufficiency. We have balanced over the production capacity edge the last two years, not really daring to do what we needed to do. Now we have room to grow and keep basic stock of items needed for a healthy flow in the production. Based on the huge interest from the professional and technical divers for our new Hybrid D1 drysuit we suddenly understand that we grossly underestimated the potential of this product. That makes the timing of this move even more perfect” 

Facts on Xiamen "The Gate of the Grand Mansion". Xiamen is a coastal city in south-eastern Fujian Province, mainland China. It looks out to the Taiwan Straits. It covers an area of 1 565 km² with a total population of 2.5 million. It was recently named China's 2nd 'most suitable city for living'.

One of China’s original four special economic zones • Since 1981 Xiamen port ranks 8th among the top ports in China and 30th among the world’s top 100 ports • Xiamen is the world's largest supply base for raw tungsten materials • Xiamen is the world’s largest sunglasses manufacturing base, exporting 120 million each year • Xiamen is an important base in Fujian province for making medium and large-sized modern container vessels and yachts.